Lamp No.2 by British designer Andrew Mitchell.

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Trivet Hotman red. “What’s hot an what’s not! The Hotman trivet is a great dinner companion - holds your hot pots an doesn’t eat much.”
Sir Richard Branson’s paradise island for rent. “Is Sir Richard Branson that hard up for a buck? Along with Virgin Australia co-founder, Brett Godfrey, the larrikin British billionaire has found a way to make a profit a little closer to the ground. They’ve decided to rent out their very own slice of paradise on the Sunshine Coast –- the 9.2-hectare, heart-shaped Makepeace Island at Tewantin near the mouth of the Noosa River. But it will cost you a fair slice of cash.”
Utensils Basket Neocountry. “This well thought-out solution means that you can bring lots of jars and glasses quickly from the kitchen onto the patio: jams, butter, mustard, barbecue sauces, and much more.”